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Chip Design Systems Inc. is excited to announce Bill Pramenko to the board of advisors.


Delaware, August 21, 2021/PRNewswire/--Chip Design Systems (CDS) announced today the appointment of Bill Pramenko to their Advisory Board.

Joining the Chip Design Systems (CDS) advisory board is Defense industry veteran consultant Bill Pramenko. The founder of VIP GlobalNet, LLC a management consulting cell. Bill will provide strategic product and business development guidance to the research conducted by CDS/CVORG and for the products they produce, CDS/CVORG are winners of 15 SBIR and BAA programs in the past 7 years totaling over $8M.

Bill has held varied Vice President positions that include the missions of Strategy, Business Development, Program Development, Marketing, Acquisition, and Strategic Partnerships. (Comtech Technologies Corp., Image Insight Inc., Advanced Technology Systems Company, Frequency Electronics Inc.)
VIP GlobalNet, LLC has provided consulting support to many companies to include Battelle Memorial Institute, SRI International, Draper Labs, S2 Corporation, Tetra Tech, Pro2Serve, AMETEK-ORTEC, SiTime, Robotic Services-Mapware, ALION, and BWXT.

"We are excited to welcome Bill to our team of advisors. He brings years of successful support to executive leadership in key areas, such as design, development and implementation of technology solutions for clients these areas are vital to our future operations and strategy " said, Hamzah Ahmed, COO, Chip Design Systems

"I'm very pleased with what our Chip Design Systems team has achieved thus far and with Bill's experience and the launch of our quest for funding for the development work to deliver an IRLED Scene Projector System. We believe we are well positioned to deliver long overdue innovation and great value to our clients" said, Emir Kiamilev, CEO, Chip Design Systems

"I am delighted to be working with CDS/CVORG and look forward to collaborating with them to help launch their new Hypersonic Tracking and Intercept development tool. Growing threats and developmental testing demands are creating tremendous opportunities for technological advancements in all aspects of Hypersonic Weapons. New solutions like those offered by CDS-CBORG, gives those responsible for Testing the right and robust tools that can have immediate, measurable impacts on development and operational performance. They are gifted R&D Scientists with on-site and remote testing bona fides that are greatly needed and in short supply" commented Bill Pramenko

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