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The Field of Testing Focal Plane Arrays (Infrared Sensors) using Scene Projection is 3 decades old. For nearly twenty years, the standard technology for testing Focal Plane Arrays has been resistor emitter arrays. As FPAs (Focal Plane Arrays) advanced in size, speed, and sensitivity, the test and evaluation community were challenged to seek new technology solutions. The current technology is not FAST enough and does not allow simulation of a hypersonic missile. The current technology is not LARGE enough and does not allow for testing sensors with a large Field of View. The current technology is not HOT enough and does not allow simulation of apparent heat > 675 kelvin.

Who We Are

Founded in 2013, CDS/CVORG is focused on developing advanced LED Infrared Scene Projectors for testing of Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs). Scene projectors are used in military test facilities to provide stimulus to seekers/sensors used by flight control and surveillance systems. We have been working on technology development for over a decade. We passed TRL6 at AFRL in Jan. 2019. We have two projector systems at AFRL EGLIN and four systems at the University of Delaware running 24/7 via remote access. We have won 15 SBIR and BAA programs in the past 7 years totaling over $8M.

Our Vision

Our Vision is one of the future, we aspire to create the technologies of tomorrow. From testing to display technology CDS/CVORG will lay the foundation of technology for the future

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the De facto standard for sensor testing across all industries, enabling scalability and reliability in sensor deployment

Our Proprietary Technology Expertise

  • Custom projector control electronics

  • Source code

  • Software for projector system control

  • Scene generator communication software

  • Source code

  • Algorithms and data formats used

  • High framerate proprietary firmware

  • PDP - Packetized Display Protocol

Test Plans
  • Methods for checking system performance and reliability

  • Database of prior system evaluation results

Cryogenic Packaging
  • High pin-count cryogenic board package 

Non-Uniformity Correction
  • Source code

  • NUC algorithm

  • Patented method to fix non-uniformity

  • In-house ASIC design

  • Integrated circuits to drive emitter array

Supply Chain
  • Method for manufacturing projectors

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